Data Center Cost Analysis

Often, a site needs to be examined by a team of experts, especially after many years of growth and changes in the facility. 7 Layers can perform comprehensive audits, inspections, and evaluations of an existing facility. Listed below are a few reasons why clients ask for a Site Audit Program.

  •  Preparation for an expansion, upgrade, or new facility.
  •  Problem diagnosis and correction, (Hot spot, grounding, outage, etc)
  •  Determine the adequacy of the systems currently in place.
  •  Identify single points of failure.
  •  Assisting with lease negotiations for a new or existing facility.
  •  Compare existing infrastructure to latest technologies/designs.

Details that are important to the existing site will be evaluated. A Site Audit Report will be prepared with topics such as:

  •  Current Hardware Profile
  •  Cooling Requirements
  •  Computer Power Requirements
  •  General Power Condition and Adequacy
  •  Facility Design
  •  Air Conditioning Capacity
  •  Power Distribution Systems
  •  Power Conditioning Systems
  •  Emergency Generators
  •  Fire Suppression Systems
  •  Security and Monitoring Systems
  •  Support Area Adequacy

The Site Audit Program is designed to provide you with a comprehensive report about the critical systems infrastructure that supports your data center.

This report will identify the strengths and weaknesses of the support system, and identify any single points of failure that may affect your operational readiness.