Data Center Engineering

Detailed Design, Analysis, and Drawings

Once the plan outlined in the Conceptual Design and Budget Report is approved, we can proceed with the detailed design phase of the project. We produce the design calculations and shop drawings required to build your facility to meet your needs, and required standard codes. The engineering analysis will include, where applicable, the following areas:


o Load Calculation
o Computer Power Requirements
o Lighting Panel Requirements
o UPS System Design
o Dual Power Source
o (Redundant) Systems
o Computer Power Conditioning And Distribution Design
o Computer Power Grounding Design
o Emergency Power Generation Design
o Voice and Data Communications Cabling Strategy


o Load Calculations
o HVAC System Design
o Equipment Selection and Sizing
o Building System Considerations
o Plumbing and Drainage


o Space Planning – Hardware
o Room Layout – Ancillary Areas
o Structural Consideration
o Raised Flooring Design
o Emergency Exit and Egress Path
o Lighting Design
o Wall Construction/Fire Rating
o Sound Attenuation
o Ceiling Construction
o Integration with Overall Building/Features


o Monitoring Strategy
o Equipment Monitoring
o Remote Monitoring
o Emergency Procedures


o Emergency Power Off System Design
o Battery Room Eye Wash and Shower
o Emergency Communications
o Integration of Building Evacuation Systems
o Integration of Building Fire Alarm System


o Fire Protection Strategy
o Early Detection
o FM-200 Design and Layout


o Security Plan
o Door Access Control
o Levels of Protection

During the design phase, our professional licensed engineers prepare stamped shop drawings,bill of quatities, equipment specifications, and construction specifications for all of the above areas. These drawings and specifications serve to meet the required international standard building codes and will allow accurate pricing by the involved trades and equipment suppliers.