Data Center Evaluation

Conceptual Design and Budgeting

At the heart of this process is our interactive design approach. We solicit and encourage your input in the design of your critical facility. During this phase, we analyze and report on the existing conditions of your facility, prepare conceptual design options, and provide preliminary budgets for your consideration. In order to prepare the conceptual design and preliminary budgets, we will solicit input from your organization related to current and future needs, as well as review and consider the following criteria:

*  Hardware Plan
*  Redundancy Requirements
*  Future Growth Plan
*  Time Line for Construction
*  Ancillary Space Needs
*  Monitoring and Security
*  Local Codes & Construction Requirements
*  Power Capacity and Quality
*  Electric Power Distribution, Conditioning & Grounding
*  Heating/Ventilating/Air Conditioning
*  Raised/Access Flooring
*  Fire Detection and Suppression
*  Architectural Design
*  Cable Management
*  Specialized Furniture

Once the analysis of your requirements is organized, we work directly with you to layout the room.Our expert design team prepare outstanding conceptual drawings and with the co ordination of the client such as in placing the equipment and their requirements considering in all aspects  to assure an efficient layout. Requirements such as service access like electrical,mechanical,telecommunication equipment and clearances will be considered. Standard two dimensional floor plans and three-dimensional line drawings or renderings can be created to assist you in your layout decisions.

Today’s “mission critical” facility can be designed with a highly reliable support systems infrastructure that will provide up to 99.995% availability. 7LAYERS will design and recommend electrical and mechanical systems that will meet your requirements and budgets. We will present support systems infrastructure options in the form of several one-line diagrams as part of the Conceptual Design Phase.

The analysis of your requirements and the conceptual design and budgets are organized into a Conceptual Design and Budget Report. This document, along with the layout and electrical one-line diagrams, will summarize your objectives and requirements. It will provide descriptions of the different conceptual design options, including advantages and disadvantages of each option (along with any financial ramifications). Specific topics in the report include: a facility review summary; a hardware profile for both power and cooling; a customer decision list with our recommendations; room layout drawings; conceptual electrical one-line; estimated budgets; and a tentative project schedule.

7 Layers is assure you as a Single source of responsibility for ALL your infrastructure