Data Center Implementation

Once the design is complete, the construction process is ready to begin. Our construction process provides the fastest and least expensive way of getting your facility built on time,on budget,with quality in all aspects and best of client satisfaction.

As specialists for “mission critical” facilities,7LAYERS provides critical path planning to prioritize and stream-line the design-build process by computerized software’s like primavira/MS project management,etc..

7LAYERS accepts complete responsibility for functionality and integrity of the facility. More often than not, projects involve the enhancement of an existing facility. Extreme care must be taken to ensure that critical systems remain on-line during the construction process.

7LAYERS’s highly experienced team of experts will produce detailed Method of Procedures (MOP) to limit risks associated with incorporating new systems at a critical facility.

In addition to construction management, we test the installation and provide training for your personnel. The aspects of our construction process are outlined below:

  •  Pricing of Trades and Support Equipment
  •  Equipment Selection
  •  Contractor Selection
  •  Project Scheduling
  •  Construction Supervisor
  •  Method of Procedure (MOP)
  •  Quality Control
  •  Complete Systems Testing
  •  Verification to Specifications
  •  Code Inspections
  •  Final Equipment Adjustments
  •  Facilities Operations Manuals
  •  Facility “As-Built” Drawings
  •  Operator Training

Planning, designing, and construction of a “mission critical” facility requires a great number of decisions such as specifications, building codes, cost, construction schedules, and viable design options. 7LAYERS can provide incremental services for a particular project, starting with the Conceptual Design and Budgeting phase, through the Detail Design, Analysis, & Drawing phase, ending with the Construction of the project.

7LAYERS’s turnkey capabilities ensure quality control, consistency, and client involvement throughout the planning, design, & construction process. The varied disciplines involved in projects of this type require precise coordination in order to deliver the expected results.

7LAYERS’s team of professionals have the expertise and experience to complete and deliver a project …