Centralized Monitoring Solution for UPS Outlets

Network construction and the status quo of maintenance

With the rapid development of Internet, the industry is able to provide better convenience services, to protect the normal operation of network, therefore vigorously develop outlets, self-help networks in order to achieve satisfied people can enjoy the relevant service at any time. This brings some problems as follows:

1. Professional management staff increases, labor costs increased significantly with outlets increased.

2. Network distribute widely, distance, managers daily inspect need to cross mountains and river.

3. Human inspection, time-poor and cant find the problem in time.

4. Managers need a daily inspection of the room, recording inspection data, workload.

UPS frequently questions and status quo

With the increase in the number of outlets ensure normal operation of the UPS network power supplying also increased simultaneously, manual inspection faced by the following problems

1. The difference of UPS brands and models, management more difficultly.

2. Not only the work strength, but also the UPS problem can not be found in time.



Design of monitoring program

The monitoring system via TCP / IP network approach to monitor and manage the UPS for users of all outlets in the room centralized, manager can be kept informed the room UPS operational status of each network in the monitoring center. When an UPS exception occurs, serviceman can be informed at the first time, and to promptly. Serviceman can remotely control UPS switches and battery discharge by monitoring System. For users to create a network of UPS power management system accurately, convenient, safe and reliable.