Centralized Monitoring


IP Power 2009 is comprehensive monitoring system host for data center and UPS, with powerful functions. Its host can not only satisfy the demands of network operating and maintenance management via providing precise fault positioning ability, but also have IP visual management and a key configuration function. Its system can run automatically and need not to be managed by professionals. It reduces difficulties for operating and maintenance personnel to study the IP technology.

IP Power 2009 can also realize the centralized monitoring and unified management for many kinds of network devices, which can realize topology management, resource management, fault management, configure management, security management and performance management for the whole network and display the network resources by topologies. At the same time, it also supports display page settings, user addition, user management, regional alarm, UPS brand alarm, history data record and export, etc.

With the rapid development of internet, IP Power 2009 will become the best partner of intelligent UPS, and can monitor and manage UPS under unmanned condition, and send alarm information 24-hour.

IP Power 2009 system is monitoring software, which is used for data center monitoring. Its system can monitor many kinds of UPS, power distribution, air conditioning, generator and many environment parameters at the same time. Using IP Power 2009, users can know the running status of device in data center clearly and intuitively via graph and data on the interface.

IP Power 2009 begins to run before user login the computer, so as to realize running and monitoring automatically, and need not to be managed by professionals. When devices in data center run normally, user can view the monitoring interface shown by data and graph through IP Power 2009. When the device is abnormal, it can play its automatic monitoring function, send alarm information by many ways, so as to inform system administrator at the first time, and administrator can handle the abnormal status in time. Meanwhile, it also supports display page settings, user addition, user management, regional alarm, history event, data record and export, etc.