Room Power Environment Monitoring Modular solutions

1.  Room overview

With an increasing degree of information, Society as a whole business processes are increasingly dependent on information systems. Server stores a huge number of core information, it’s operation are also important business, as a carrier of information computers, servers, etc. Its “shelter” is the engine room. Then the room will become important data processing and operation center in various units. So room management is particularly important, once the system failure not handled in time,  will cause accident and economic loss, it is immeasurable. At present a lot of room to adopt the management of personnel on duty 24 hours, regularly inspect equipment room environment, not only increased the burden of management personnel, and more safety problems cannot be ruled out in time. At present, the general lack of professional management person in room  environment equipment, In many parts of the machine room has to arrange software personnel or even don’t know much about the room equipment management doesn’t understand computer room equipment maintenance personnel on duty, The safe operation of computer room is definitely a disadvantage. And any system problems will bring the corresponding risk to data center room. Each system and has some unavoidable circumstances as follows:

Room management problems?

UPS and battery management problems


UPS inverter overtemperature, overload, fault causing the UPS inverter output load transfer bypassTo the back of the load directly by the mains power supply such as servers, network devices, And traditional management way is no way to timely access to the working condition of UPS, At this time in the event of mains power, will cause abnormal server, network equipment downtime, the electricity power network anomalies caused by the accident.

1The facts show that more than 50% of the UPS fault are caused by the battery failure, UPS battery capacity lack, battery failure, low battery voltage caused by UPS protection to turn it off. The battery pack is the power supply for UPS can be sustained for the security, Whether the battery quality stability is one of the core of the protection of the normal work of UPSThe UPS battery for a long time in a floating state, small current discharge, discharge power supply environment, short time of UPS battery is very easy to appear abnormal, And once the mains failure could have continued working 4 hours of battery, at this time can only 1 or 2 hour working hours into the battery state of cut-off protection (low battery voltage), UPS directly to close the output. However due to the UPS special sealing structure of valve control type lead acid battery, caused by the traditional management way is no way to discover the related issues, and therefore cannot take corresponding emergency measures, which in turn into power network abnormal electricity accident.

2Planned outage: electricity, maintenance, maintenance, system transformation; Fault outage: overload, power lines and equipment failure; Nature’s power: earthquake, flood, typhoon, lightning, fire. And these problems will lead to interruption of mains powered by batteries, but unable to grasp the battery capacity, easy to cause the battery low illegal shutdown caused by machine.

Can put the UPS management easier?

1.  The problem of distribution management?

   Because of the lack of effective monitoring of power distribution system, tripping due to uneven distribution of the load and short circuit of power supply accidents have occurred. To avoid the happening of tripping and easily improve the distribution of the load?

2.  Problems existing in the computer room environment?

Traditional way of management can’t get into the environment parameters, so we can not provide proper basis for further improvement of network. How to effective monitoring of the temperature of the room, a room monitor the most headache problem; How can the remote master computer room environment condition in time?

The temperature problem

As the load increased, the heat dissipation problem increasingly become number one killer of computer room, UPS surrounding temperature and humidity environment, work efficiency and work quality of UPS has a very close relationship. If the UPS battery to work long hours under high temperature environment, will cause the battery discharge, shorten the life of the battery, caused by high temperature will cause abnormal server outage situation; UPS battery to work long hours in the low temperature environment, will cause the loss of battery discharge efficiency greatly. And all these problems will cause UPS work affected. Can we timely grasp the room temperature and humidity?

The humidity problem

Because of the lack of effective monitoring of cabinet micro-environment in air humidity increases, the components or by dielectric material very easy to form the surface of the water film, “conductive path” and flash over phenomenon, thus cause equipment failure; And when the humidity is too low, that is, the more dry, electrostatic voltage will be higher, affect the normal work of the electronic computers and other equipment. Can we prevent the happening of this kind of problem?

  The leaking problem

Leaking problem has always been ignored in computer room management, once leakage phenomenon appeared, such as not to stop in time, will give room to bring immeasurable loss, short circuit, UPS and servers and other key equipment damage and even cause fire. Can timely find leaks, avoid these problems?

The air conditioning problems

To solve the problem of heat dissipation problem and configuration of computer room of air conditioning system, due to their lack of effective mechanism of breakdown self check, once appear, fault, not only do not heat dissipation effect, also could cause leakage, fire accidents and so on a series of room. Can give air conditioning a set of effective monitoring mechanism?

The fire problem

Check smoke test is the last line of defense, countless room fire shows that more than 90% of the fire accident can be installed through the smoke sensor, it can reduce or even avoid the occurrence of fire.